Professional Experience

Cory S. Rink began his law enforcement career as Chief of Police for the Covington Police Department. He then became a full-time patrol deputy and investigator with Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. In January, 2016, Cory returned to Covington to once again serve as police chief.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Cory has been a leader with a strong work ethic. Below, Cory shares some of his professional, law enforcement experience:

–  Investigating cases pertaining to fraud, larceny, homicide, drugs, child abuse, child death, vandalism, burglaries, and robberies

–  Examining records, questioning suspects, conducting interviews and surveillance

–  Determining the most effective way to conduct the required investigations.

–  Locating and interviewing suspects and others who may have knowledge of a case, such as relatives, neighbors, landlords, etc.

–  Secure and preserve written statements from witnesses and other parties

–  Preparing evidence for District Attorney’s Office and testifying in court

–  Maintaining security and organization of all evidence with the evidence room

–  C.L.E.E.T. Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor

– C.L.E.E.T. Adjunct Instructor

– Ensure inmates are transported to court and other facilities in a timely manner

– Spokesperson for radio, television, and newspaper interviews

– Prepare written reports and correspondence

– Enter warrant information into computer system

– Prepare and serve search warrants