Once Cory S. Rink is elected as sheriff of Garfield County, he will begin to immediately implement his platform ideas. Please view the video or read below to learn more about Cory and his platform.

Official 2020 Announcement Video

Cory S. Rink announces candidacy for Sheriff of Garfield County.

Posted by Cory S. Rink for Garfield County Sheriff – 2020 on Saturday, February 22, 2020

Immediately upon taking the oath of office, Cory S. Rink will move toward making Garfield County Sheriff’s Office a community-centered department. At its core, the concept of community-policing involves being a good neighbor – one who is willing to develop partnerships with law enforcement, engage in problem-solving through genuine concern for both civilian and law enforcement lives, and a desire to see a safer community. Developing a sense of trust and transparency between citizens and the sheriff’s office is a fundamental component of this model of community policing. Deputies will attend town meetings, community events, and school-related functions to build rapport with county residents.

As sheriff, Cory S. Rink will increase the department’s visibility, especially in the rural communities and unincorporated areas. Increasing presence in the rural areas, will build relationships with county residents who are not protected by a municipal police department. Building a rapport with these citizens will lead to more communication about suspicious and criminal activity in the area. When everyone works together toward a common goal, deputies are better able to investigate and apprehend lawbreakers who might otherwise escape prosecution.

Rink further plans to engage citizens in community policing by reaching out to schools. He will appoint a School Resource Deputy to be a liaison between the sheriff’s department and each of the school districts within Garfield County. This deputy will work closely with each school’s administration to review and create comprehensive safety plans that work to empower teachers, staff, and students to react quickly in emergency situations. This deputy will also work closely will the local fire and police departments, ensuring these departments are all on the same page and can act quickly in the event of an emergency to keep our school personnel and our children safe. Not only will this deputy help to keep our children safe during emergency situations, but the deputy will also provide faculty and staff with information about the dangers of internet crime and child predators. The School Resource Deputy will also assist with presentations to students about basic safety along with the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Most importantly, regular interaction with a county law enforcement official will help children develop positive relationships with deputies who they can turn to in a time of crisis.

Along with increasing presence in our communities and schools, Cory S. Rink will also begin to implement neighborhood watch programs throughout the county. The programs will help to open lines of communication between citizens and law enforcement. By attending neighborhood watch meetings, deputies can meet with citizens and learn about their concerns for their neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch programs will help citizens and law enforcement work together to reduce crime and improve the quality of life throughout the county.

Building relationships throughout the county will also assist with investigations. Cory S. Rink will have more than one deputy trained for investigations in the department. Deputies will not just take a written statement to be filed away but instead will work to see each case to its conclusion. Deputies will work closely with the victim to keep them informed throughout each step of their investigation.

Cory S. Rink will ensure that there is transparency throughout the department. Cory S. Rink will ensure that taxpayers know how their money is being spent and what the department is doing to improve the quality of life throughout Garfield County. Rink will have an open-door policy – if citizens have a concern, his door will be open to listen. Rink hopes to also implement a monthly town hall program – a chance for citizens to meet their sheriff and discuss concerns over a cup of coffee.

Without question, the most significant liability of any government entity is its detention facility. During the past eight years, there have been several needless deaths in the Garfield County Detention Facility. Most of these are the direct result of inadequate training. Once such death cost the taxpayers of Garfield County $12,000,000. Cory S. Rink is committed to allowing only highly-trained, qualified professionals to serve in the executive positions of the jail. These administrators will be well-versed in jail policy and procedures. Under the guidance and supervision of the sheriff, they will hold regular training and staff meetings with anyone who comes in contact with prisoners. All members of Garfield County Sheriff’s Office staff will be responsible for monitoring, reporting, and identifying problems within the jail to better serve everyone who works in or visits the facility.

Each piece of Rink’s platform mentioned above will require training. Over the past eight years, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office has provided inadequate training for jailers, dispatchers, and deputies. Cory S. Rink believes Garfield County deserves well-educated and professionally trained law enforcement. Proper training is vital to the strength of the office. As soon as he takes office, Cory S. Rink will begin to implement policies and procedures that will enhance the training and safety of each member of the GCSO staff. Cory S. Rink will be a sheriff that leads by example. With over 1500 hours, Rink has completed more training than any other candidate. Additionally, he is the only candidate to obtain the C.L.E.E.T. Advanced Law Enforcement Certification. Rink will use his expertise along with that of other accredited instructors in the office to provide in-house training for dispatchers, jailers, and deputies every month. Rink will also encourage his deputies to complete more than the required 25 hours of yearly continuing education and move toward their intermediate and advanced law enforcement certifications. The taxpayers of Garfield County should never again be subject to unnecessary lawsuits resulting from negligence and insufficient training. It is time to put the office of the sheriff back on track, once again making citizens proud of their sheriff’s department. Cory S. Rink is the candidate to make this happen!