Letters of Support

Below you will find letters of support for Cory S. Rink from family, friends, community members, and many more.

I send you this for understanding and support as a parent.

I don't believe it to be proper etiquette to discuss politics or religion in public, especially being a business owner, but as a mom I have a duty to love and support my children in any way possible. And when my oldest son Cory decided to run for Garfield County Sheriff the first time, I felt it my duty as mom to step up and do my part in his campaign. As a family we discuss all major decisions that will affect the entire family and running for public office affects all of us and we all must be willing to take on everything that comes along with campaigning for a public office. And we have agreed that we are willing to dedicate all we have to supporting Cory in his campaign for Garfield County Sheriff.

So, when you see me at our store or deli with a “Cory Rink for Sheriff” shirt on I’m doing my duty as mom, not business owner just MOM.

Thank you for understanding.

Let me tell you what I know about Cory.

Cory deeply feels there needs to be changes within the Garfield County Sheriff’s department.

He believes the residents of Garfield County need a sheriff that’s outside the current administration - the same administration that cost the taxpayers of Garfield County 12 million dollars and worst of all, a man his life.

Cory has been serving as a Noble County Deputy under Sheriff Charlie Hanger the past three years, and because of his 12 years of combined law enforcement experience he feels he can successfully make these changes, for a better functioning department. Cory is the candidate with the most Experience (12 years) the most Training (1500 hours), and the proven Leadership to serve the people of the county he calls home.

Budget: Being raised in a family owned business it has been instilled in Cory from a young age that budgeting, hard work, proper tools, equipment, training, education and experience along with leadership skills is the foundation to a successful business. Cory will bring these key ingredients to your sheriff’s department.

Trained by the state of Oklahoma as a Certified Fire Chief and Certified Police Chief, Cory will bring budgeting, personnel management, purchasing and municipality code enforcement skills to the sheriff’s office.

Cory understands that taxpayer’s money is just that- money taxed from hard working people like yourself, and that money needs to be used wisely and conservatively.

Training: Training is a high priority to Cory; as he has proven with his 1500 hours of extensive law enforcement training and over 3000 hours of combined law enforcement, fire and medical training. Proper training will lead to a better functioning department with less injury and death to the officers, inmates and the public. If Cory’s not out on patrol protecting you or training on ways to protect you, then he’s teaching others proper training and protocol to ensure the public is always protected.

Child Safety: As sheriff, Cory wants to bring back the School Resource Officer position. This officer will work with school districts to create comprehensive safety plans, helping to keep our teachers and children protected in emergency situations. The school resource officer will also interact with students and provide safety materials that educate students about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, internet crimes and child predators. This presence in schools will build vital relationships with students and give our most vulnerable students a confidant that can help them in times of need. The horror stories I’ve heard from both of my sons - cyber bulling, abuse, neglect and worse will make your stomach turn.

Rural Protection: Cory’s committed to making sure our rural communities and residents are fully protected, a visual presence in the rural areas will deter unwanted activity. Enid has a very capable, police department with 94 officers, one of them being our son Kevin Everley. North Enid has a very capable police department as well. When either department needs the help of the Garfield County Sheriff’s department, they will receive it, but the rural communities and the rural residents deserve the same protection and security as what the Enid/N Enid residents receive on a daily basis with their own departments. As sheriff, Cory will make Garfield County Sheriff's Office a community-centered department. Community policing involves making citizens active participants in deterring crime and creating safer, more vital neighborhoods. Citizens are the eyes and ears of the community. With more presence in the unincorporated areas of the county, deputies will build vital relationships with citizens. This will lead to citizens noticing and reporting suspicious activity which can in turn help the sheriff's department prevent crime or possibly solve crimes that have occurred in other areas. Cory will also build rapport by ensuring that deputies are attending town meetings, events, and school-related functions. Proactive, community policing will encourage citizens to be active participants in their safety and well-being. As sheriff, Cory will ensure deputies are patrolling and interacting with citizens in all areas of the county, making certain every person feels protected at school, work, and home.

2nd Amendment: Our entire family believes in the 2nd Amendment, hell we’re all a bunch of gun tote’n Okies. We will stand with you, side by side as Cory stands in front to make sure your rights along with ours are protected by law.

Cory as well as his family wants to bring respect back to the Garfield County Sheriff Department and to the people of Garfield County. With the proper training and leadership, we know Cory can provide, this goal can be achieved.

You know the family he comes from, and what we stand for. We have taught our children to be the change that needs changing, to be noble, to be honorable, to walk in the eyes of our Lord and be accountable for their actions. We have taught our children to stand up for the Constitution, respect our country’s flag, protect the weak, the misfortunate, the elderly and the rights of others. My children bring these learned lessons to their families, jobs, communities and the social work they do. I could go on but I'm not much for mushy stuff.

Everyone that knows me knows I'm not good at asking for help or support, but I am now asking for you to get to know my eldest son Cory. You can read and see more about Cory at www.votecoryrink.com, FB – Cory S. Rink for Garfield County Sheriff – 2020 or call him with any questions or concerns @ 580-609-0336.

Make an informed decision on who you want to lead you and help protect you in this time of uncertainty.

I have come to find that campaigns are a lot of work and cost a lot of money. It takes your family, your friends and your supporters to have a successful campaign. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, campaigning has taken on a whole new game. Not knowing when this will change, we are doing what we can to get Cory’s mission out to the people. If you would like to talk to Cory personally please call him @ 580-609-0336. If you would like to show your support by displaying a yard sign you can pick one up at our store

Rowdy Stickhorse 626 S. Hoover St. Enid 580-370-6423

Campaigns take a lot of 3 things.

#1 SUPPORT: support can be anything from a yard sign, allowing us to place a large campaign sign on key properties, wearing a vote for Rink badge or shirt, sharing his FB page and website, talking to your family and friends about how they can help, and get to the polls and vote.

This might seem trivial but visual recognition is key to a successful campaign. So, if you can help in this way please call for a sign or stop by the store and pick up as many as you need.

Rowdy Stickhorse

626 S. Hoover St.

Enid, Ok. 73703


#2 MONEY: to save money we are making everything we can here in the barn, painting the 4x8, 4x4 & 2x4 signs ourselves, printing the flyers and the badges, but we still need to buy supplies for these things. The yard signs and all the other things that come along with a campaign also cost money. Anything will help, no contribution is too small. Donate as many times as you feel like $5 here - $5 there or more if you like, it all adds up, and is greatly appreciated. To request a sign or donate please visit.


FB- Cory S. Rink for Garfield County Sheriff – 2020

Cory Rink- 580-609-0336

#3 YOUR VOTE: With this year being a whole new game in campaigning; we cannot and will not go door to door for your safety and ours, NO meet and greets, NO debates with the interaction of the people. We need your help: visiting with others helping them understand why you feel Cory is your choice for Sheriff and to convince them to vote. Every vote counts don’t be that one vote that could make the difference.

This is a family decision to take on the campaign for sheriff. And as a family if we didn't feel Cory was capable and willing to be the best Sheriff for Garfield County he would not be running.

We hope you will feel the same and your support in any way is truly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Paulette Rink, Cory's mom