More About Cory

Future Progress

A change is needed within the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and Cory will be that change. As sheriff, Cory will make Garfield County Sheriff’s Office a community-centered department. It is important that every citizen of Garfield county feel protected at school, work, and home.

Community policing involves making citizens active participants in deterring crime and creating safer, more vital neighborhoods. Citizens are the eyes and ears of the community. Cory will begin shaping safer communities by increasing rural patrols. With more presence in the unincorporated areas of the county, deputies will build vital relationships with citizens. This will lead to citizens noticing and reporting suspicious activity which can, in turn, help the sheriff’s department prevent crime or possibly solve crimes that have occurred in other areas. Cory will also build rapport by ensuring that deputies are attending town meetings, events, and school-related functions.

As sheriff, Cory will ensure the department attends sporting events and special community events, making public safety the #1 priority.  Cory Rink believes in the DARE program. He will enhance the DARE program by implementing a school resource officer program. This officer will work closely with school staff and administration to create comprehensive safety plans, helping to keep our teachers and children protected in emergency situations. The school resource officer will also interact with students and provide safety materials that educate students about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, internet crimes, and child predators. This presence in schools will build vital relationships with students and give our most vulnerable students a confidant that can help them in times of need.

Proactive, community policing will encourage citizens to be active participants in their safety and well-being. As sheriff, Cory will ensure deputies are patrolling and interacting with citizens in all areas of the county, making certain every person feels protected at school, work, and home.

Cory believes that proper training is of the utmost importance in any sheriff’s department. A well-educated and professionally trained deputy is the best law enforcement asset a sheriff can provide. As sheriff, Cory will provide monthly training for all sheriff department employees including deputies, dispatchers, and jailers. Cory will use his knowledge as an instructor, as well as other instructors in the department to provide FREE, in-house training. Cory will strive to have each officer completing more than the mandatory 25 hours of continuing education, guiding each of them toward their intermediate and advanced CLEET certifications.

Cory Rink believes in honesty, integrity, and professionalism. These are the core values he will bring to the Garfield County Sheriff Office.

The Early Years

Growing up on the family farm Cory has an inborn fondness for honesty and integrity. Cory was born to Paulette and Gary Rink of Covington, Oklahoma. He was the first of 3 children. The family adopted a fourth later in life. It is on this family farm that he has learned the values of hard work, honesty, and helping those in need. It is during the early years Cory decided he wanted to be a Peace Officer and Firefighter.


Cory graduated from Covington-Douglas High School in May of 2006. He then furthered his education at Autry Technology Center and OSU Fire Services. Cory completed his CLEET certification in October of 2008.


Cory purchased his grandmother’s farm in 2007, where he and his wife, Ashley live and raise their four children, John, Jackson, Charlotte, and Henry with the same passion and integrity that Cory’s parents instilled in him. Cory and his family have been a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Covington his entire life and Cory currently sits on the church board as a trustee.

Law Enforcement and Firefighter Beginnings

Cory joined the Covington Volunteer Fire department in 2005 and was elected to the position of Fire Chief in 2011. In 2008, Cory was hired by the Town of Covington to the position of Police Chief. It was during this time as police chief that his passion for serving the community grew. Cory completed numerous hours of continuing education training to ensure his community had the best protection allowed by law. To further his training, Cory became a Reserve Sheriff for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office in 2009, and then accepted a full time position with the department in 2011.

CLEET Instructor

Cory is a certified CLEET instructor in the area of Defensive Tactics. With this certification, Cory conducts continuing education for the sheriff deputies, jail staff, as well as other police officers in proper custody and control techniques. Cory returns to the CLEET facility in Ada often as a guest instructor for Defensive Tactics classes.