Cory S. Rink for Sheriff 2020


Republican Cory S. Rink asks for your vote for Garfield County Sheriff on August 25, 2020.

Running for My Family and Yours

Republican Cory S. Rink is the candidate that will be the change Garfield County needs. Cory was born and raised in Garfield County. He learned the values of hard work, honesty, and helping his fellow man growing up on the farm. Rink currently resides on the family farm just outside of Covington with his wife Ashley and their four children: John (9), Jackson (6), Charlotte (4), and Henry (10 months). Rink has been a lifelong member of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Covington. He is a member of several civic and professional organizations, including Enid Noon Ambucs. Cory has always had a heart for the people of Garfield County and a desire to assist people in their time of need.  Rink entered into emergency services shortly after turning 18, joining the Covington Volunteer Fire Department. During his time with the department, Cory has served as Assistant Chief as well as Chief, and currently serves as a firefighter. From a young age, Cory has desired to be in law enforcement and to become the sheriff of Garfield County. At the age of 21, Cory was hired as the Chief of Police for the Covington Police Department. In 2011, Cory then joined Garfield County Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Bill Winchester. Cory served as a patrol deputy, transport deputy, and investigator for the department. Currently, Cory is a deputy at Noble County Sheriff Office under Sheriff Charlie Hanger. 

Cory S. Rink has 12 years of law enforcement experience, more than 1500 hours of law enforcement training, more than 1500 hours of firefighter and emergency management training, and holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certification from the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. Rink is also a certified police chief and fire chief, which consists of day-to-day operations, personnel issues, management training, and budgets. Cory S. Rink is a certified instructor for both law enforcement and fire service, including a Defensive Tactics Instructor certification. 

Rink wants to be sheriff of Garfield County because he believes in what it represents: protecting life and property. Rink said “I enjoy my job every day and helping people has always been a priority. I want to be sheriff because I want our deputies involved in our community to interact with the citizens, old and young.” As sheriff, Cory S. Rink will make community policing a top priority of the sheriff’s office. Deputies will be more visible throughout the county, patrolling the unincorporated areas, participating in community activities, and building rapport with the citizens they protect. 

As sheriff, Cory S. Rink will implement a school resource officer program in order to build strong partnerships with all schools throughout the county. The school resource officer will assist with safety plans and provide presentations to students about the dangers of drugs, child predators, and internet crimes including child exploitation/sex crimes. Rink said, “We need to protect the future of Garfield County, our children.”  A school resource officer is possible with the current funding and staffing of GCSO. It would only require that the department redirects a deputy into this position. There will also be an opportunity to apply for grant money for this program, which could provide all necessary materials.

Rink will also implement Neighborhood Watch programs. This program is a volunteer organization, costing taxpayers zero dollars. Deputies will be present at Neighborhood Watch meetings so they can get to know the citizens they protect and give them an outlet to report suspicious activity. Citizens are the eyes and ears of the county. A Neighborhood Watch program is a great way to implement proactive, community-centered policing. 

Cory S. Rink believes the citizens should have the best-trained deputies, dispatchers, and jailers Garfield County can provide. Rink will implement a monthly training program at no additional cost to taxpayers. Rink will utilize his instructor certificates as well as those of other deputies to provide free in-house training for all employees of the sheriff’s office. Cory will also utilize his relationships with local, county, and state-level departments across Oklahoma to provide quality training at a minimal cost. GCSO has a large training room, allowing other departments in the area to be invited to these trainings, providing training for many at a minimal cost. 

Along with the training for all employees, as sheriff, Rink will ensure there is more than one trained investigator in the department. This will provide the ability to see criminal investigations to their conclusion. When a crime is reported, there will not just be a report taken and filed away. The crime will be fully investigated, keeping the victims informed during each step of the process. As sheriff, Rink will ensure GCSO has a good working relationship with agencies throughout the state. Often, crimes bleed over into other counties and there must be a good working relationship with county and state agencies to solve each crime. During his employment with Noble County Sheriff’s Department, Rink has worked with many larger agencies such as FBI, US Marshals Service, and Bureau of Indian Affairs to bring criminals to justice. 

Cory S. Rink left Garfield County Sheriff Office 5 years ago to expand his knowledge of effective leadership in law enforcement and to gain insight on what it takes to maintain a community-centered department. Serving as a deputy in Noble County, Rink has also improved his abilities in paper service, courts, transports, effective patrol operations, investigations, and jail operations. 

The Garfield County Detention Facility has been an eyesore for Garfield County for many years. There have been several needless deaths within the jail due to a lack of training. These deaths have resulted in multiple lawsuits, including one that cost the taxpayers $12,000,000. I will address this concern in a multi-step plan: 1) all jail policies and procedures will be updated and every employee will be provided with a copy; 2) EVERY employee will go through jail school so they are knowledgeable of all jail standards; 3) the jail will be fully staffed with quality employees.  

Rink is the candidate that will cleanup Garfield County – from trash dumps to creating a safer jail environment for staff and inmates to highly trained staff for more effective policing. Rink is an all-around professional – exhibiting competency of the law, integrity, level-headedness, reliability, and respectfulness. He is personable and outgoing – qualities that are essential in leading a proactive, community-centered department. Cory S. Rink is the best candidate for Garfield County Sheriff because he is outside of the current administration. Cory S. Rink will bring fresh, bold ideas to the department and will make GCSO a department that the citizens can once again be proud of. When elected, Cory S. Rink will return to Garfield County and bring his knowledge and experience to make Garfield County a better place to live.

Thank you,

Cory S. Rink