Cory S. Rink for Sheriff 2020

Running for My Family and Yours

I would like your vote to fulfill the office of Garfield County Sheriff, because I believe in what it represents: Protecting Life and Property.

I have been a CLEET certified peace officer for over 12 years and because of my experience, I believe I can and will be the change Garfield County needs in the coming years. I enjoy my job every day. I enjoy helping people in sorrowful and joyous times and this has always been my main concern. I am running for Sheriff because I want our deputies to be involved in our community, to interact with the citizens, old and young, and to be present and seen in the community. Community policing is a priority, as well as training for all employees of the Sheriff’s office.

I would love to bring the D.A.R.E. program back and see a school resource officer available for students to reach out to when in need. We need to protect our children in our communities. I believe we should have the best-trained deputies that Garfield County can provide, and this includes properly trained dispatchers and jailers. If I am elected Sheriff, I would implement a training program for employees and see that crimes are investigated to their conclusion. I would strive to close as many investigations as possible in a timely manner.

Proactive policing should be commonplace in our department. I plan to implement rural and local policing efforts to help decrease crime in Garfield County. I want to have an investigative team that is going to go out and be proactive and put an end toward criminal activity. I believe in putting together neighborhood watch programs throughout Garfield County because the citizens are our eyes and ears in the community.

I want to investigate our crimes throughout the county. I don’t just want to take a report and leave it in limbo. People should expect the department to complete their job to its entirety. I want a full investigation. If someone was burglarized, I want them to get their property back and hopefully in a timely manner. The morale of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department staff is of utmost importance also. Staff needs to be compensated for the time and work they dedicate to their facility and county. I plan to implement pay increases over the next four years if elected. I will ensure that the department will work with other agencies to bring criminals to justice swiftly.

While working in Noble County, I have improved my abilities in paper service, courts and records, transports, effective patrol, operations, and investigations. I am a lifelong member of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Covington and sit on the church board as a trustee. I am also a member of the Enid Noon AMBUCS.

Being a lifetime resident and now landowner in Garfield County, I feel that it is my duty to run for the office of Garfield County Sheriff to ensure a positive and bright future for generations to come.

Thank you,

Cory S. Rink