Training and Certification


Garfield County deserves well-educated and professionally trained law enforcement officers. Cory S. Rink knows proper training is vital to the strength of the office. He will be a sheriff who leads by example. Cory has over 3000 hours of combined training between law enforcement, medical, and fire training. With over 1500 hours of law enforcement training, Cory has completed more training than any other candidate. Additionally, Cory S. Rink is a certified Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) instructor who will use his expertise along with that of other accredited instructors in the office, to provide in-house training for dispatchers, jailers, and deputies each month. By providing training with in-house instructors, training costs can be drastically reduced; therefore, saving the taxpayers money. By using his instructor certifications, training can begin quickly. Currently, the State of Oklahoma requires deputies to complete 25 hours of continuing education each year. Rink’s goal is to encourage his staff to go beyond the minimum requirement and move toward intermediate and advanced levels of law enforcement certification. Read more about Cory S. Rink’s training record below.

Advanced Law Enforcement Certification

Cory is the only candidate to hold the C.L.E.E.T. advanced law enforcement certification. This certification requires at least 9 years of full-time service and at least 92 training points. These training points are earned during professional training workshops and academies. To earn this certification, Cory has completed over 1500 hours of training courses. Cory has also completed over 1500 hours of fire and medical training, including Fire Chief certification. The Police Chief and Fire Chief certifications include training in budgets, personnel management, as well as law review.

Having my Basic Instructor Development allows me to teach on both sides of the table — sheriff and fire training. I want to work well with other departments and bring training to the table in Garfield County for all agencies.

Rains,, 2016

Below you will find a small portion of Cory S. Rink’s training record. Please click here if you would like to see the entire record.

FLETC Certified Tactical Medical Instructor* CLEET Certified Advanced Law Enforcement Officer*
CLEET Defensive Tactic Instructor* CLEET Certified Line Safety Officer*
Reserve Academy Coordinator School* Fire Service Instructor*
Statement Analysis Arson Investigation*
State Certified Code Enforcement Officer* Fire Chief Certification*
Interview/ Interrogation Basic Instructor Development
Search Warrant Preparation Criminal Interdiction Training
Oilfield Theft Investigation* Vehicle Extrication*
Child Abuse Investigation* Rural Criminal Patrol
Child Death Investigation* NIMS 300 Incident Command
Police Chief Certification* NIMS 400 Incident Command
Taser Certification NIMS 700 Incident Command
Sexual Assault Training Incident Commander Training
Standardized Field Sobriety Test Fire Fighter 1 and 2 *
Observation and Perception Oklahoma Storm Spotter
Criminal Investigation Haz-Mat Awareness/ OPPS *
Evidenced Based Sexual Assault CISM-Basic*
CLEET Basic Training Animal Cruelty Investigation*
*Cory S. Rink is the only candidate to hold these certifications/positions